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During his military service at the forefront of crisis and conflict, Dr. (Lt. Col. ret) Daniel Beaudoin has served as army Spokesperson for the IDF, and as senior liaison officer for the Israeli Ministry of Defense to the international humanitarian organizations in the West Bank and the Gaza strip.

He is also a senior lecturer at Tel Aviv University.

Daniel possesses profound personal experience and expert professional skills in media relations and the enabling of aid operations even as ongoing terror is directed at Israel.

His academic, workshop and public speaking activities are highly engaging, informative and inspiring.

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Speaking Engagements

Daniel offers behind the scenes, incisive, surprising and thought-provoking talks on international politics, the UN and the international humanitarian aid industry.

All is not as it seems, and Daniel lays bare the hidden agendas behind the compassion industry.​ 

Some of his selected talks:​ 

  • "Aidfare" and the UN humanitarian assault on Israel

  • How soldiers cope with the operational and ethical challenges at military checkpoints

  • Making Aliyah and surviving to talk about it  


Consulting And Skills-Based Workshops

Learn to minimize risk, maximize efficacy, productivity and performance of your operations in conflict areas

Daniel is an experienced mediator and facilitator, and conducts intensive workshops on aid and military operations facilitation in conflict areas.

Decades of experience in Israel and the West bank and Gaza have made him a regional expert, and intimately familiar with the local political, cultural, social, security and private establishments and mindsets. 


Academic Activities

My in the field experience, when merged together with academic rigor and a love for teaching makes for a fascinating and educational experience.

I teach on:

  • Conflict resolution

  • Humanitarian aid and military operations

  • Humanitarian Diplomacy


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